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about the project

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About the project |

The target audience

Our site is intended primarily for a specific category of athletes:

who trains, but does not have much success;

who find it difficult to gain weight, build muscle and progress in strength indicators;

who is the type of hardgainer ectomorphs;

who train hard and reasonably, but do not get the desired result;

who are not helped by effective training programs, recommendations of trainers, professionals and other experts in iron sports;

who eats and rests properly, but does not receive significant progress in the structure of his body;

which are hardly affected by the use of expensive proteins, gainers, amino acids and other special drugs sold in sports nutrition stores;

who has lost hope of building his body;

who has something to share and what to advise.


The site consists of several parts:

HARDGEYNER PROJECT: this is the main part of the site (information, the desire to share which prompted the creation of this site). It includes its own training programs, recommendations and observations about genetics, nutrition, training (everything that is in the main menu of the site). Unique information is presented here, obtained on the basis of our own experience and knowledge..

BLOG. This part expands the information: in the form of articles, well-known and little-known training methods and techniques are described in detail, the most important knowledge about the physiology of muscle growth is given, theoretical and practical tips, nutrition recommendations for athletes slowly progressing in athletic sports are offered.

LIBRARY. The literature of various authors is collected here. These are the most fundamental books and articles recommended to those who consider themselves to be a hard gainer. Here we publish materials sent by readers.

SERVICES Here, for everyone, the opportunity is presented to receive high-quality consultations about training, nutrition, recovery, as well as an individual training program.

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CALCULATORS (athletic, nutritional, physiological).

If you want to share your thoughts on strength training, nutrition, recovery in the format of articles, send your texts to marked "publication" (free).

Any use of the original materials of the site is allowed only if the source is indicated as an active link

All guests of the site - health and success in sports!

Sincerely, Alexander Kozhumyaka

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05/18/2014 at 10:09 nashel nigde temu pro sustavi, v chastnosti koleni.mozet estj kakaja to statja? posle silovih prisedanij (pereodizacija po matveevu) na4ali boletj koleni.spasibo

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05/20/2014 at 12:29

for joint pain, including knees, a course of treatment should be taken:

Teraflex capsules (according to instructions)

edible gelatin (before breakfast, a teaspoon, washed down with water)

any analgesic and anti-inflammatory ointment (gel), for example, diclacgel, ibuprofen, diclofenac, indomethacin, ketonal, fastumgel, etc..

nutrition recovery

Squat preferably in bandages.

Your problem is not related to the particularity of the program you were involved in. The problem is something else. Perhaps even in nutrition. Go see a therapist first.

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05/20/2014 at 16:32


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02/25/2015 at 11:48

hope your knees are okay!

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