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When and what needs to be said to excite a woman Exciting words and phrases

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When and what needs to be said to excite a woman? Exciting words and phrases | - All About Potency


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Is it possible to excite a woman with words and why?

The physiological peculiarity of a woman is a particularly sensitive response to verbal, i.e., the effect expressed by words.

This feature is explained by the finer psycho-emotional organization of women compared to men. In addition, women are distinguished by a developed, imaginative imagination, the ability to quickly translate what they hear into the category of visual images, the ability to mentally live what they hear.

Representatives of the fair sex, in addition to the above qualities, are also endowed with the ability to subtly perceive the intonation of the voice, to capture its characteristic features, manifested in the properties of the pace of speech, its timbre and melody.

All this confirms the conclusion, indicating the possibility of enhancing the process of arousal of a woman, exerting a direct effect on her with the help of correctly selected and correctly voiced verbal series.

What you need to talk about to excite a woman?

Of importance are not only the words spoken to the woman, but also such parameters as the mans appearance, the smell emanating from him, his manner of behavior. Therefore, the key to the successful impact of words will be a stylish, carefully thought out image, a pleasant aroma of perfume, as well as the manifestation of such behavioral qualities as confidence and a demonstration of determination. At the same time, the appearance of swagger and rudeness in behavior should be avoided..

Exciting words

The compliments uttered by the woman will have an exciting effect, and the greatest force will be exerted by pleasant words addressed to the woman's appearance, words that emphasize her ability to choose clothes, accessories, and a hairstyle.

Words exalting such qualities as a sharp mind, a sense of humor, the ability to conduct a dialogue, emphasizing the presence of talents manifested in various areas of life will also have a positive effect..

A monologue addressed to a woman should be accompanied by affectionate words; in this case, the womans name should be used with diminutive suffixes.

Be sure to avoid too vulgar jokes that make sense, can offend, or contain a mockery. Do not ask frankly intimate questions on the first date, or make too erotic hints or compliments.

Why do words often work better than actions? Or is it a myth?

Words in comparison with actions have the property of most effectively affecting the psyche of a woman, causing the occurrence of excitement.

This is due to the fact that the spoken word heard by a woman allows her to realize what is happening, create an internal visual impression.

The word prepares a woman for further actions of a man, sets her up to the right mood. Thus, it is difficult to overestimate the possibilities of verbal influence, which are not mythological products at all..

excite woman

How to understand that the words worked? Verbal and non-verbal symptoms?

The response expressed by the verbal type consists of similar words coming from a woman, her willingness to interact in speech with a man, enter into dialogue with him, support a given topic.

The non-verbal signs confirming a womans willingness to engage in more intimate communication and an increasing level of her interest in a man include the following characteristic conditions:

A womans willingness to maintain direct eye contact, a constant desire to have a man in her field of vision, careful consideration of the details of his appearance, clothes.

Special hand movements, which consist in frequent correction of the hairstyle in order to draw attention to the hair, sorting out the details of clothes and jewelry, the location of the fingers at the level of the mouth and chest.

The desire to establish physical contact with a man, which can be expressed in an attempt to take a man by the hand, gently acquire it, touch to attract attention.

The position of the legs of a woman, expressed in a turn of the feet towards the man.

When to move on to action?

The first indicator of a womans readiness to move from verbal contact to the physical is her positive reaction to the touch of a man, the desire to move closer, the response to the desire to make something pleasant.

The establishment of physical contact must necessarily be accompanied by the continuation of verbal exposure, which will enhance and consolidate the arousal that has arisen.

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