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4 Ways to Raise Testosterone Naturally No drugs

increase testosterone

4 Ways to Raise Testosterone Naturally No drugs! | - All About Potency


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If a low level of testosterone is determined at a young or middle age, and this is not associated with any disease, there are many chances to restore the necessary level of androgens. For this purpose, normalization of sleep, special nutrition, special physical exercises aimed at normalizing the work of the testicles, and a number of other effective effects are recommended. Refusal of bad habits is implied unconditionally.

In our article, proven recommendations are collected, following which every man can quickly, and most importantly without consequences, raise testosterone levels naturally without experimenting with untested drugs.

What you need to do to increase testosterone naturally?

Get enough sleep.

The release of most sex hormones is carried out in the phase of deep sleep. Constant lack of sleep will not make it possible to achieve the required level of testosterone. A healthy sleep is seven to eight hours in the dark and complete silence, while the rise should be vigorous, accompanied by good health and, preferably, without an alarm clock. If after sleep you feel rested, then the first brick in the matter of increasing testosterone is already laid.

Eat right.

testosterone levels

What you need to eat:

Testosterone is directly related to nutritional quality. Minerals must be present in the diet and of them zinc is the main one in our case. It can be found in abundance in squid, oysters, crabs, fish (where carp, anchovies and herring are worth highlighting), almonds, walnuts, pistachios, peanuts, sunflower and pumpkin seeds.

Also, products that contain calcium, magnesium and selenium are needed to produce testosterone. Of the vitamins that are most effective in increasing testosterone levels, we note C, E, D, omega-3 and -6, as part of the biosynthesis of testosterone; groups B, which intensify the synthesis of sex hormones. These substances are found in berries, citrus fruits, vegetables and fruits, fish oil, nuts.

There should not be a menu of men and a lack of fats, proteins and carbohydrates, without which there will be no synthesis of testosterone. Fats are sources of cholesterol - the nucleus of a testosterone molecule.

Purified water, but not store juices, soda, etc., should, with related sports, drink about a half liter per day.

Thus, in the menu of a man who wants to quickly raise testosterone in a natural way, such products as: fish, seafood, vegetables, fruits, herbs, berries, nuts must be included.

What can not be eaten:

Further, the listed products will have to be excluded from the diet, if you do not want to become impotent prematurely! These are pastries, white bread, rolls, sweets, chocolate and other fast carbohydrates, fatty foods, as a factor in the accumulation of excess weight, as well as carbonated and fizzy drinks - excessively sweet and harmful.

increase testosterone

Be wary of being overweight, such a condition is fraught with a decrease in the level of sex hormones. This is due to the property of adipose tissue to convert male sex hormones into female hormones - estrogens.

Perform special exercises.

Increased testosterone is favored by moderate physical activity with weights, this is a proven fact. At the same time, the duration of a workout should take about an hour (no more), in which a quarter of an hour should be devoted to warming up, and the remaining three quarters should be dedicated to weight training. You should not have more than three workouts per week, but you must have at least a rest day between workouts. The strength and muscles of the body should be constantly restored.

Workout should include legs, back, chest, i.e. large muscles. Stand-up bench presses, squats, deadlifts and other similar exercises increase testosterone levels. The mass of the projectile is selected for a maximum of eight to ten repetitions. If you exceed the condition in three quarters of an hour of training, you can become a victim of the body's production of cortisol, a catabolic hormone and testosterone antagonist. That is, the first three quarters of an hour testosterone is produced, and then cortisone, which contradicts the condition of the problem.

As an example of training precisely large muscles, one should indicate the T-bar deadlift, the bench press of the dumbbell or barbell, the sitting pull of the upper block behind the head, the French bench press, lying down, folding the arms on the butterfly or the bend on the bench to the side of the dumbbells.

In the second training session you can perform squats, standing army bench press, straightening your legs, lifting barbells or dumbbells for biceps, sitting on a bench with dumbbells.

Eliminate bad habits.

As for bad habits, one should not forget that alcohol promotes the transformation of testosterone into estrogen, or figuratively, to some extent, favors the "transformation" of a man into a woman. And the systemic harm from alcohol necessarily affects, and negatively, the production of male hormones. In particular, beer contains analogues of female hormones, so even small degrees are not crucial here..

As an exception, we mention dry red wine, inhibiting the action of the aromatase enzyme, which prevents the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. However, all these benefits are offset by the abuse of even natural red dry wine..

Video on how to raise testosterone in natural ways without tablets:

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