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Diseases That Lead To Infertility

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Diseases That Lead To Infertility | - All About Potency


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Infertility is diagnosed to families in which a woman cannot become pregnant for a year or more, subject to regular intimate relationships, without the use of contraceptives. There are a lot of reasons why conception is impossible, including diseases that lead to infertility.

What is male and female infertility?

The reasons for the inability to conceive a child in men and women are different, but there are general ones. Three main factors can be distinguished:

Addiction to alcohol, nicotine, drugs.

Past infectious diseases, including STIs.


Genital Underdevelopment.

Tender sex cells suffer from constant intoxication of the body, early menopause develops.

In men, the main causes of infertility are as follows:

Injuries to the groin, testicles that were not treated.

The abuse of nicotine and alcohol, drugs.


Taking drugs for the treatment of tumors, epilepsy, bacterial infection.

Radiation sickness.

Frequent and regular exposure to heat in the groin area.


Testicular dropsy.

Cryptorchidism (absence of one or both testicles in the scrotum.

Inguinal hernia.


Testicular compression, for example, in dropsy, leads to secretory infertility, when blood flow to the sperm producing tissues is impaired.

VIDEO Female infertility. Diseases leading to female infertility.

What infections and diseases in infancy lead to infertility?

Adolescents enter adulthood, their hormonal background changes, because of this there is a strong sexual desire. Many boys and girls do not know how to protect themselves, or do not have money to buy means of protection, as a result they become infected with infectious diseases that lead to infertility.

adhesions fallopian

Mycoplasmosis, the course is asymptomatic, with a decrease in immunity it becomes active, in women the cycle is violated, the kidneys, uterus, bladder and ovaries become inflamed, as a result - tubal obstruction.

Trichomoniasis, as a result of inflammation, adhesions of the fallopian tubes form.

Chlamydia took the form of an epidemic. It can occur without symptoms, affects the genitourinary system, and in 60% of cases of infertility of couples it is he who is to blame.

Gonorrhea, does not cause symptoms in women, but immediately causes an inflammatory process that causes pipe adhesion.

Ureaplasmosis is present in the healthy flora of the vagina, but if the immunity drops, it becomes active. Causes adhesions in the fallopian tubes, resulting in infertility.

Mumps, viral disease, pathogen affects the salivary and genital glands.

During puberty and formation, it is necessary to minimize sexual intercourse with different partners, to be picky in acquaintances, since it is precisely illegibility that can cause sexually transmitted diseases, leading to infertility.


What adult diseases lead to infertility of men and women?

In adult women, primary and secondary infertility can be observed, with a primary woman, she does not become pregnant at all, with a secondary woman she already has a child, or there was a pregnancy that ended in a miscarriage or abortion. The following causes of infertility are distinguished:

Venereal diseases.

Endocrine disorders of the thyroid, pancreas.

Female genital diseases.

Surgery leading to the removal of female genital organs or parts thereof.

Men have many diseases leading to infertility:

Hormonal disorders.


Sexually transmitted diseases.

Ejaculation obstruction.

Inflammatory processes of the genital organs (prostatitis, orchitis, urethritis).

Poisoning at work, the reaction of the body to taking medications.

What bad habits lead to infertility?

Bad habits negatively affect the sexual sphere, especially the male. Each affects in its own way, but in the end they all lead to infertility.

Smoking, erectile dysfunction arises from it, later - impotence. The blood flow in the cavernous bodies slows down, from nicotine active sperm in the sperm becomes much less.

Alcohol, reduces the production of testosterone (male sex hormone), sexual desire (libido) is reduced, resulting in infertility.

lead infertility

Anabolics, provoke the development of erectile dysfunction, spermatogenesis is impaired.

Beer is rich in female sex hormones, estrogens, when there are always a large number of them in the male body, they do not allow male sex hormones to work.

Opiates, in particular heroin, even in the smallest doses violate spermatogenesis, sexual response, and cause erectile dysfunction.

Marijuana degrades sperm quality, testosterone levels fall below normal.

Cocaine starts the process of death of testis cells, spermatogenesis is inhibited.

When taking any narcotic substances, germ cells mutate at the chromosomal level.

What tests confirm male and female infertility?

Infertility in women is detected by laboratory diagnostics:

STD screening.

Endocrine screening.

Ultrasound of the thyroid gland and pelvic organs.

GTS (hysterosalpingography), an x-ray revealing obstruction of the fallopian tubes.

MRI, if a brain tumor (Turkish saddle) is suspected, which complicates the production of hormones that regulate the cycle of menstruation.

SKT (spiral computed tomography) of the small pelvis, to determine abnormalities in the anatomical structure of the pelvic organs.

Laparoscopy (examination of the abdominal cavity visually) to detect adhesions, uterine tumors, retention ovarian cysts.

Hysteroscopy (the uterine cavity is examined), to detect tumors, inflammatory foci, ulcerations on the walls of the uterus.

In men, infertility is diagnosed using the following studies:

Spermograms for the presence of sperm, their number and motility.

Prostate Juice Analysis.

Analysis of STDs (sexually transmitted diseases, existing, not treated).

Seminal fluid (bacteriological analysis).

Transperineal ultrasound, TRI, ultrasound.

Testicular Biopsies.

Hormonal (compliance of male hormones with the norm).

Skulls and vessels of the kidneys using X-ray.

There are a lot of reasons and diseases that lead to infertility, it is important not to try to fix the situation yourself, in this way you can only aggravate the disease or problem that cannot be cured after.

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