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Prostate massage and its effect on potency and erection

10-15 sessions

Prostate massage and its effect on potency and erection | - All About Potency


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Speaking about prostate massage, you should immediately understand what is prostatitis? In the course of research, experts revealed: prostatitis is inflammation and swelling of the prostate gland and its tissues. The disease has a urological orientation.

Patients suffering from this disease are men aged 25 to 65 years. For the treatment of prostatitis, a whole range of therapeutic methods is used. First, an examination by a urologist is performed: tests and diagnostics are prescribed (ultrasound, doppleroscopy); then physiotherapy is prescribed in conjunction with drug treatment. The most common physiotherapeutic methods of treatment include: reflexology, laser-inductotherapy and prostate massage. It is the latter procedure that is the most popular, since it is painless and can be performed both in the clinic and at home (only by specialists). Prostate massage is widely used for the prevention of prostatitis, and therefore the prevention of impotence. Let us dwell in more detail on this treatment method..

How is prostate massage for potency?

Prostate massage is carried out through the anus, it is mechanically acted upon to stimulate biological processes and improve blood circulation, as well as outflow of prostate secretion. Of course, massage is not the only treatment method and it is necessary to combine it with other procedures..

It is very important that the massage is performed by a specialist (urologist or practitioner). The patient should lie down, bending his legs beneath him or standing on his elbows and knees, and the doctor, introducing a finger into the anus, begins to massage the patient's prostate from the edges to the center, each lobe. A prerequisite for proper massage: painlessness and a full bladder that needs to be emptied immediately after the session. Throughout the procedure (no more than one minute - duration), the specialist must monitor the patient's condition and his feelings.

Why prostate massage affects potency?

The connection between the prostate gland and the sexual life of a man is very great. Sometimes they even say that the prostate is the second heart of a man. Gland cells forming a prostatic secretion provide a normal level of ejaculation, and secretion ensures sperm activity.

With prostatitis, the gland itself becomes inflamed and a sufficient amount of secretion is not excreted from it. Many factors contribute to this:

sedentary lifestyle;

irregular sexual intercourse;

chronic urological diseases;

prostate gland

the harmful effects of alcohol and smoking;

From the foregoing, the prostate and potency are inextricably linked. Prostate function impaired by prostatitis affects potency, so-called erectile dysfunction occurs

Prostatitis cannot but disturb a man, the patient is exhausted with pain during urination and as a result there are problems in sexual terms: attraction decreases, sensitivity decreases or disappears; all this affects the psychological state, depression develops, and then the erection weakens (the prostate and erection are also a single whole).

That is why prostate massage, which activates gland cells, can have a positive effect. First, of course, the inflammatory process is removed (medication), and then massage is carried out by specialists.

Can prostate massage harm potency?

Of course, the benefits of prostate massage are great, but there are aspects that can harm. The prostate gland is a very sensitive organ, like all parts of the anus adjacent to it, so you need to pay attention that the massage should be performed by a professional doctor. If the conduction is too intense, you can damage the soft tissues of the intestines or even hurt the muscles (if the patient is very stressed).

How not to harm the body with prostate massage?

The massage process is very delicate, and in order not to harm you need to use the simple rules of such a procedure. First of all, specialist advice is required, without it, massage is not recommended. There are also contraindications to the procedure: cystitis in the acute stage, impaired urination for unclear reasons, hemorrhoids, the presence of stones in the prostate gland, a tumor of the prostate gland, prostate adenoma in the later stages, acute prostatitis.

Is it worth it to do prostate massage yourself or who can do it?

Of course, you can perform the massage at home yourself by hand (there are 2 techniques: internal and external) or with the help of special devices, but this issue should be approached with full responsibility, because you can harm yourself by incorrect actions, and then you cant avoid going to the hospital . It is recommended to resort to the help of specialists for prostate massage, namely a urologist.

What devices can be used to massage the prostate?

There are several types of devices for prostate massage on the market: electrical stimulators, vibration stimulators, vibro-acoustic devices, ultrasonic devices, thermal, laser and devices for magnetotherapy.

10-15 sessions

How often do prostate massage and when to wait for the result for potency?

Preventive massage

For a healthy body, 1 course of 10 sessions is enough 1 time in 2 months

Specialist massage for treatment

In chronic prostatitis, 2 courses of treatment are performed. Each of 10-15 sessions with a break between courses of 20-40 days.

If there is congestive prostatitis, then you need at least 3 courses of 10-15 sessions with an interval of 10-15 days

Video about home prostate massage at home

How to prepare for prostate massage?

Often 50% of success depends on proper preparation for the procedure itself. Of course, the massage procedure is unlikely to cause pleasant feelings in men, but it is worth remembering that health is more important and first of all it is psychologically tune up and relax.

There are also specific actions before the procedure:

Need to empty the intestines completely

30-40 minutes before the procedure, drink about a liter of liquid

Take a shower, wet wipes are a last resort

Refuse to eat at least 2 hours before the procedure

prostate massage, prostate gland, 10-15 sessions