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The effect of mint on potency is mint for potency. Recipes and recommendations

effect mint

The effect of mint on potency is mint for potency. Recipes and recommendations | - All About Potency


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Diet affects male power. Seafood, spices, nuts, green vegetables stimulate sexual desire, but the use of fatty meat, pastries, sugary drinks inhibits sexual activity. To relieve nervous excitement, cure a cold, or simply enjoy the aroma of menthol, many indulge in tea with fragrant leaves. True, there is an opinion that mint is harmful for potency - it slows down the production of testosterone and sperm motility.

What contains mint and how it affects potency?

The statement about the negative effect of the plant on the male body appeared after a series of experiments by American scientists on mice. They were given a soothing infusion and not a drop of other liquid. After a while, the sexual activity of males plummeted. If we consider that the animals were limited in water and the experiments dragged on, it is natural that the excessive use of peppermint negatively affected them..

It is unlikely that a man will drink several cups of tea every day with a soothing smell of menthol and not stimulate the brain of coffee. A few twigs in a salad and 1-2 glasses of phyto-drink per day are not able to negatively affect potency.

The ancient Greeks had their own opinion on this matter. Before the battle, the soldiers were not allowed to add grass to the food. The ban was motivated by the fact that spontaneous excitement before the battle was useless. In eastern countries, they believe that it calms the nerves and excites passion. If you study the chemical composition, it can be argued that the leaves are only beneficial.

In the aerial parts of mint, there is a menthol essential oil containing a number of substances of the terpenes group and perin acid. In the green mass in high concentration are present:



boiling water

oleanolic, ursulic acid;

vitamins and minerals, a number of chemical compounds.

Leaves have a mild antispasmodic, analgesic, reflex coronary-expanding effect. Thanks to the stimulation of neuroreceptors, they activate capillary circulation, reduce spasm of smooth muscles of the intestines and urinary tract. With systematic use, stabilize the pressure. Herbalists claim that the herb helps get rid of mild depressive syndrome and restores sleep.

Mint recipes to improve potency

For this purpose, multicomponent collections from different herbs are used. To maximize the healing power of plants, mint and nettle are collected in lowlands, St. John's wort and nettles - from areas where water does not stagnate. Dry leaves - 3 tbsp. l brewed with half a liter of boiling water, insist under a tight lid for 20 minutes. Ready broth is drunk in a glass up to 3 times a day.

A pair of a pinch of mint, 4 thyme and 2 rosemary are ground in a coffee grinder. The ground powder is steamed with a glass of boiling water, taken immediately after cooling.

Herbs are used instead of tea leaves. Oregano, St. John's wort and mint - 100 g each are mixed, 1 tsp is taken. mix and brewed. To soften the taste, you can drink in the bite with a spoon of honey or jam.

Classic mint recipe for potency:

a spoon of green tea;

mint potency

grated peel of a lemon;

a couple of twigs of fragrant grass.

A slice of lemon is added to the cup if desired. The drink lowers blood pressure, so this recipe is not for hypotensives..

How long does the effect last and how often does peppermint cost to improve potency?

Multicomponent phytocompositions are taken in 3-week courses with monthly breaks. In order not to cause addiction to the body, recipes alternate. Black or green tea with a pinch of dry leaves in moderation will only benefit. It is enough to drink 2 cups a day to feel a surge of strength after 5 days. Start the day with a soothing drink is not worth it. The first glass is drunk closer to noon.

A cup of hot drink at night relieves stress and relaxes. Unlike tablets, it does no harm. Over time, substances accumulate in the body, so after the course remains a lasting effect. The contents of tea bags for medicinal purposes are not suitable. Leaves are best dried in the summer or bought in pharmacy packaging.

A medicinal plant is not suitable for everyone. People with hypersensitivity to menthol sometimes experience skin reactions. It also reduces the tone of venous vessels, can provoke exacerbation of varicose veins..

In what cases mint does not exactly affect potency?

The plant calms the nerves, enhances microcirculation in the capillaries, nourishes the body with useful components, but is not able to stop the development of progressive erectile dysfunction. Pathology develops for various reasons, requires different methods of treatment, abandonment of bad habits, lifestyle changes. In this case, complex drug therapy is indicated..

Are there any potency boosting preparations that contain mint??

Pharmacological preparations with menthol to eliminate sexual dysfunction are not released. For existing problems, folk recipes, dietary supplements with plant extracts based on dwarf palm, root of securinega, eureka, orchis and other plants are used. The inclusion of large amounts of aphrodisiacs in the diet, no worse than dietary supplements, restores male power.

A video about which foods lower potency is good to know! Maybe they just need to be removed from your diet.

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