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How to massage a man with a breast Make everything right

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How to massage a man with a breast? Make it right! | - All About Potency


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Breast massage came to our region from sunny Thailand, whose inhabitants have absorbed the great achievements of the cultures of China and India and are successfully applying them in practice. Here, in massage parlors, many methods of bodily and spiritual relaxation are applied, including not only with hands but also with the body. In particular, Body massage consists in treating the clients body with the buttocks, stomach and the so-called Drill Work, in which a beautiful secret, pushing the chest forward, is pressed against the mans body and her movements are accompanied by light friction against sensitive erogenous zones. Usually, the whole body of a girl is involved in such friction through a layer of soap foam.

It all starts with bathing, lathering your body, touching, massaging the whole body with your hands, relaxing all muscle groups, relieving fatigue and tension, increasing the general tone of the body and improving blood circulation. Then the whole body of a naked girl enters into action, on which aromatic oil is previously applied.

Why do guys like breast massage?

Guys are crazy about the totality of manifestations of female tenderness. Including touches. However, if the fingers can produce incomparably more caressing movements than the breast, then touching her nipples and the body itself is more penetrating and exciting. Perhaps this is due to the novelty and smaller distribution of this kind of caresses in our latitudes, but, of course, not only.

whole body

A large degree of return to a woman to a man in the presence of these touches is attractive. In addition, the breast, as an erogenous zone, more intensely conveys passion to the sensitive areas of a man. A kind of biological superconductivity arises. It is unlikely that anyone is able to accurately describe the sensations that accompany breast massage. However, few will refuse such pleasure..

How pleasant is a breast massage for a man??

Skillful possession of this massage technique can lead a man through all the steps of getting pleasure from mild arousal to a stable erection and even ejaculation. The latter is usually not the goal, but in principle it is possible. The beauty of this type of massage lies in the possibility of a significant extension of pleasure over time. According to the recollections of travelers and merchants who often visit Thailand, erotic massage can last up to three hours, and an hour-long procedure is even considered a bit of a hack. Naturally, this procedure should be accompanied by a calm, relaxing environment that can be created at home or, in extreme cases, in the office. Twilight, scented candles, quiet music are desirable. If such a flight of erotic imagination takes the crane operator into the night shift, trying to invest in a forty-minute break, no nirvana or even usual relaxation may occur.

How to prepare the breast for such a massage?

Specialists from Thailand lubricate their body, including breasts, with special gels and aromatic soaps before massaging, but this is not at all an indestructible canon and sacred spiritual bond. It is quite possible to do without this, although experimenting, of course, is possible, or even necessary. It is more important to bring the breast into an excited state, either on its own, or when performing an erotic foreplay with a partner. Tense nipples are a powerful tool for influencing the erogenous zones of men. To a certain degree of excitement, their own secretions from the skin of partners are a wonderful lubricant that is not inferior in effectiveness to the patented drugs.

How to do it and how not to do it? What to massage and what not?

breast Make

The massage itself is carried out with leisurely and calm movements, in which the nipples and body of the chest touch the erogenous zones of the man. Although there are certain patterns in the location of these zones, a caring partner should know about them in advance.

If there are gaps in this knowledge, you can quietly ask a man and receive confirmation of the correctness of his actions.

Slow movements should occasionally give way to fast and teasing, longitudinal nipples along the body of the partner - transverse vibrational and shaking. This will maximize sensitivity, arouse and develop emotions, cause a powerful erection.

The most saturated organ of erogenous zones is undoubtedly the phallus, but caressing with it should not be abused. It is necessary to ensure that ejaculation occurs somewhere in the most distant future. Upon reaching the maximum excitation limit, complete relaxation occurs. Healthy arousal, an ocean of positive emotions, pleasant tactile sensations are the main positive property and the purpose of such massage.

How to understand whether a man likes it?

Checking the effectiveness of massage with a breast (and not only it) is not so difficult, since men are less inclined to imitate their feelings than women, and this applies not only to orgasm. An excellent indicator in this case is the state of an erection, but in this case, the age of the partner should always be taken into account. In any case, a firm and desire-filled penis is a signal that a lady can proudly and honestly report to herself: The task was completed successfully!.

Video where plus or minus shows how to do everything in the most decent form

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