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How to quickly and strongly excite a guy How to seduce a man

demonstrate your

How to quickly and strongly excite a guy? How to seduce a man? | - All About Potency


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Your relationship has reached the point where you can go to intimacy, but your loved one does not show active sexual interest? There are many proven methods that can quickly get any man and let him know that the time has come for a new intimacy..

Moreover, they are applicable to both confident macho and shy young men. You just need to know about a few tricks of male psychology.

Is it worth it to excite a guy or is he already excited?

There are many ways to check if your lover now desires sexual contact. As you know, an erection is the most striking sign of male arousal, however, to verify this, of course, is not always possible. Therefore, you should be aware of several other, less noticeable details that will reveal your partner's secret desires..

Physiological signs

During excitement, small changes begin to occur in the work of the male body - the pulse quickens, sweating increases, and slight trembling of the hands and voice is possible. The latter, by the way, often becomes low and slightly hoarse, acquiring some velvet and playful notes..


If a guy longs for you, he will literally eat your body through his eyes. In general, the state of male arousal is like a light trance, which is not difficult to catch in his eyes.

Pose and Gesture

A man burning with sexual desire will always keep his body turned towards you. Often, guys take the pose of a confident macho, folding their hands on the belt and slightly pushing the body forward, as if demonstrating their dignity. Although this does not always work, it all depends on the nature of the person and his self-esteem. Pay attention to the position of the shoes - if the guy wants you, the socks of his shoes will definitely be directed in your direction.

A guy who wants to make love will always strive for bodily contact - this will be expressed in the touch of his hands, with a gentle hug, especially in the hips or chest.


If a mans thoughts are busy with your body, long pauses may occur in conversations. This means that your lover is so obsessed with fantasies about sex that he simply does not have the opportunity to think about anything else..

How to quickly get a guy?

confident macho

The mans body is strong and strong, but his psyche is often much more fragile than it might seem. Even if your loved one is not thinking about sex right now, making him want you is real - you just need to know what thread in his mind to pull.

Play with words

Every man by nature loves to be praised - it starts from childhood and lasts, as a rule, until the end of his life. Do not forget to remind the beloved of his virtues, but meanwhile hint about your own. But do not overdo it - here you need some subtlety. Let your compliments be sincere, and hints light and indirect.

Bodily contact

To excite a guy, touch him more often, and also show that you also want tenderness and affection. You can show him some detail on your body, for example, a pendant, while accidentally making him touch your chest. Whatever the matter at this moment, sexual desire will prevail.

Erogenous zones

Naturally, the penis is not the only erogenous zone of a man. Excitement can be caused by touching various parts of his body, including earlobes, a hollow under his lower lip, as well as his chest and inner thighs. Find a small cavity between the shoulder blades of a lover - there he also has a strong erogenous zone.

Rough methods

Men are different in relation to sex life. Someone is shy and needs subtle hints, and someone is ready to enter into intimacy at any time and in the most unexpected places. Rough methods of excitation, of course, are more suitable for the second type. However, if you see a confident male in front of you, ready for unexpected sexual adventures, it is not necessary to directly show your desire, grabbing a man by intimate area. You can excite a guy in more sophisticated ways..

Bodily contact

Kiss your partner not only on the lips - direct your affection towards the chin, neck and shoulders. Such signs will quickly let the man understand your desires. You can also touch other parts of his body, such as his hips or chest. A light slap in the buttocks will be an affordable hint of your intentions..


Hint to the partner not only physically, but also verbally - vulgar jokes or double-digit statements will immediately prompt him to the necessary thoughts.

Poses and movements

Make a man pay attention to the most attractive parts of your body. Try to demonstrate your sexuality in every possible way; accidental (allegedly) acceptance of intimate poses will only accelerate his actions.


your partner

And, of course, do not hesitate to demonstrate your body in the most interesting manifestations for it. Moreover, you can undress by chance, allegedly from the heat or spilled drink on the shirt.

How to quickly make gentle hints without open provocations?

As already mentioned, in sexual games men are different. Perhaps your partner is too shy, or maybe your relationship just did not reach the stage where it is appropriate to openly declare your desires.

Therefore, if you want to subtly and skillfully excite a guy, use all sorts of tendernesses, which will gradually make him confident that you can begin to act. Give compliments, diluting them with hints of intimacy. Touch your partner more with your hands, show him your thirst for attention. Let him understand that you are ready for a new kind of intimacy..

Is it dangerous to use all sorts of vulgarities for your own purpose? And if dangerous then?

Here everything, again, depends on the person himself. The hints of an adult and self-confident man will not be scared away at all, but for a young and inexperienced guy, such signs can cause only bad impressions of you and your morality.

Therefore, before showing your desire for sexual contact, it is worthwhile to carefully examine your partner as a person. Also understand that all sorts of vulgarities and provocations are unlikely to be appropriate at an early stage of your relationship.

Why a guy can ignore your actions and how to understand that the reason is in him?

It seems that the right moment has already come, you are hinting at your beloved about sex, and on his part you meet only cold and indifference? It may be not only your mistakes. There are several common reasons why even the most skillful hints may not arouse a guy.

A man simply does not want sex, or rather, even ready to resist

If a person does not respond to your hints, this does not mean that he does not notice them. Perhaps now some principles interfere with him, or maybe he just does not have the mood. If a person is deeply immersed in his experiences, far from sex, then sometimes the chance to make love with him is zero.


Perhaps a person is shy in nature. Often, negative sexual experience in the past causes some kind of confusion with a new contact, and even if a guy wants you now, his actions may not be too active.

Your lover is a virgin

Yes, it does. Moreover, there are inexperienced partners at different ages. In such a situation, the main thing is to be careful and make it clear to your beloved that he can entrust his true face to you without meeting criticism and all sorts of ridicule.

Love your men and often look at their features and preferences, knowing how to light them at one time or another. And remember that the key to the male heart and other parts of the body lies through caring and trust. A lover who is in close proximity with you will never lose sight, whether it is emotional or physical.

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