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How to arouse a woman in marriage How to arouse if sex is no longer a novelty

arouse wife

How to make a woman married? How to arouse if sex is no longer a novelty? | - All About Potency


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Sex is an important component of harmonious relationships. This is not a cake (by which we mean mutual respect, common goals, understanding each other), but at least the cherry on it is a piquant and very important decoration that sets the overall tone and taste.

But often in family life there are situations when a woman's intimate sphere ceases to please. Her interest is weakening. They are embarrassed to talk about this out loud, but the mass of folk jokes about sex on holidays nevertheless sheds light on a sad tendency.

But this is not the end. If a man thinks about how to arouse his wife, this is the first step towards eliminating the problem. Let's look at its causes, as well as resolution options.

Why a married woman is difficult to arouse?

There are a number of reasons that explain why a married woman becomes indifferent to sex. And the solution to the problem depends on the correct identification of the causes. If the husband and wife really want to regain their former passion, in most cases they will succeed.

Psychoanalysts identify the following reasons for the cooling of the matrimonial bed:

The fading of feelings. It is important for a woman to love and be loved. The absence of these feelings can lead to problems in bed: a woman will not be able to enjoy, and over time, her desire will fade.

Sexual illiteracy or selfishness: when a partner does not know how to please a loved one, or simply does not want to do it.

Anatomical reason (discomfort in sex can occur, both due to the small size of the partner's sexual organ, and because of the large).

The sexual constitution. Every person has a need for sex. Someone has more, someone has less. If partners on this basis do not match, problems begin.

Addiction: over time, everything that acted as an exciting factor is erased, desensitization occurs.

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Social aspects. This is also an important reason. Lack of money, family problems, stress at work can also affect female libido.

Disease. Most often this is a gynecological disease, problems with the thyroid gland and hormones.

Age. Over time, the level of hormones in the blood decreases.

Having a baby, taking antidepressants or hormones also temporarily reduces the amount of female hormone needed to increase libido.

What diseases prevent a wife from experiencing arousal?

Doctors are sure: women with low libido have gynecological diseases. These can be mild inflammations, urinary tract infections, problems with the ovaries, and even tumors in the pelvic area. The hormonal system undoubtedly has an effect on the sex life of a woman - for example, a decrease in the hormone estrogen.

Problems with the endocrine system also affect the libido of women. For example, hypothyroidism is quite common - a disease associated with a decrease in thyroid function. In this case, female arousal is closely linked with psychology. So, the processes occurring at this level can affect the endocrine system. That is why with depression, the production of sex hormones decreases..

What medical and folk remedies can help arouse a wife?

If the husband thinks about the issue of how to make a woman married, then half the work has already been done. There are many proven ways to help spark passion in a conjugal bed..

So, the products that increase the libido of a woman include ordinary honey. Take it is advised daily for a few tablespoons. Honey is not only able to arouse past passion, but also will be an excellent preventive measure against diseases.

Chocolate and avocados are also good at this. These products contain substances that affect the production of endorphin - the so-called "hormone of happiness".

And here are a few folk recipes for women. The following components and herbs are commonly used: ginger, ginseng, parsley, juniper, cilantro, bay leaf.

Ginseng tincture:

married woman

100 g of root is infused in half a liter of water during the day. Then boil over low heat (4 hours). Art. l cinnamon and honey. Use the broth twice a day after meals (100 g each).

Thyme decoction:

In a glass of boiling water, 1 tbsp is brewed. dry inflorescences. Infused for 40 minutes. Tincture must be consumed within six months: drink once every three days.

Motherwort and hawthorn:

According to 6 tbsp. tablespoons of these crushed herbs are poured into a thermos and poured with 1.5 liters of boiling water. Infused day. After this broth is filtered and ready for use. Drink 100 ml three times a day before meals.

Among the medications that affect female libido, Viagra for women and the Spanish fly are distinguished. These drugs are based on the strongest aphrodisiac.

For what reasons a man can stop arousing a woman?

As a man who is no longer aroused by his own wife, who walks around the house in curlers and a bathrobe, so this routine bothers a woman. A husband in home stretched sweatpants lying on a sofa or busy playing a computer game is not a very impressive sight.

Also, if a mans business is not going so smoothly, a woman may perceive him as a loser. And what sex with losers?

The husbands tactlessness, lack of attention on his part are also factors that reduce the wifes sexual desire.

But all these are solvable problems. A married woman should receive attention from her husband, do not forget about romance. Leisure, going to the cinema, cafe or outings, romantic dinners, distraction from domestic routine and worries - this is what every wife needs.

And married couples should not forget about natural stimulants of desire: celery, parsley, fruits and vegetables, rice. For dinner, wine will also be useful (dry, red, no more than a glass). But sweets and alcohol are best minimized. Such a diet will help keep the body healthy, and desire - at the proper level..

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