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Infections that reduce male potency. Chlamydia and potency

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Infections that reduce male potency. Chlamydia and potency | - All About Potency


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Male health problems are mainly caused by various pathologies of the prostate gland, stress and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

In particular, frequent urination, sudden fever and chills, difficulty and painful urination are often symptoms of prostate inflammation (acute prostatitis).

With inflammation, the prostate puts pressure on the urethra, and this disease worsens the potency, which manifests itself in a weak, disappearing, unstable erection, ejaculation becomes painful and causes discomfort. Prostatitis is the enemy No. 1 and it can be provoked by fungal infections, chlamydia, E. coli, intestinal infections, staphylococcus aureus, gonorrhea and other STDs.

However, sexually transmitted diseases can also directly affect potency. Random unprotected sex most often leads to chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis.

affect potency

At the first stage of infection, it is easily destroyed with the help of modern special injections, therefore, in case of doubt, you should consult a doctor without delay. Self-medication is unacceptable here..

Physically, varicocele does not physically affect the potency, however, this pathology is fraught with infertility. Potency deterioration in this case, as, by the way, with hemorrhoids, is possible only under the influence of a psychological factor.

The effect of chlamydia on potency in men

Chlamydia of the genital organs is also dangerous, and the insidiousness of this disease lies in its asymptomaticness, and those signs that can be determined are almost no different from the symptoms of inflammation provoked by other microorganisms. Therefore, a prophylactic visit to a urologist at least once or twice a year is absolutely useful..

Attacking the urethra in men, chlamydia provokes urethritis, and chronic chlamydial prostatitis is the most common complication. This condition, in turn, provokes ascending infections of the urinary tract, prostate cysts, atony and other pathologies, fraught with a deterioration in potency and even sexual desire.

affect potency

In addition, chronic prostatitis is fraught with complications of a psychogenic / neurogenic nature, usually in the form of a secondary neurasthenic syndrome.

The age of patients with prostatitis has been steadily decreasing recently, and among many contributing factors, doctors distinguish inflammation of the male genitourinary system provoked by chlamydia. Anal and oral sexual intercourse with patients with chlamydia can also lead to damage to the rectum (proctitis), pharynx (pharyngitis). Chlamydial infection can be brought in with dirty hands, which is fraught with chlamydial conjunctivitis.

Chlamydia trachomatis, spreading through the male urogenital system of a man, is dangerous with a urogenital complication of chlamydia - inflammation of the epididymis (epididymitis), and with bilateral inflammation of both, irreversible infertility is guaranteed. Bulbourethral glands (chlamydial couperite), seminal vesicles (chlamydial vesiculitis), and other organs of the genitourinary system may also be affected..

What about premature ejaculation?

Chlamydial vesiculitis is the initiator of premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, spermatorrhea, in which sperm from the urethra is not associated with sexual arousal. Other sad consequences associated with male potency are also possible..

Orchiepididymitis provoked by chlamydia very often accompanies erectile dysfunction, while the spermogram shows the presence of a pathology that is not compatible with the conception of healthy offspring. Reproductive function is impaired, which is explained by a violation of spermogenesis during sexual chlamydia.

In every fifth man affected by chronic chlamydia, oligospermia of the first and second degree, asthenospermia and even teratospermia are determined on the spermogram. Thus, up to sixty percent of patients whose sexual chlamydosis is started suffer from infertility. The most serious consequence of chlamydia is the development of impotence and infertility..

Video about urology and male potency. Basic useful theory on this subject

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