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How does a woman recognize an impotent man What are the signs

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How does a woman recognize an impotent man? What are the symptoms? | - All About Potency


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A woman, considering a man as a potential partner for a relationship, tries to assess in advance its advantages and disadvantages. Impotence may turn out to be a hidden minus of the candidate, which can ruin the most harmonious union. This ailment is characteristic of representatives of adulthood, but in recent years is rapidly becoming younger. Is it possible to avoid an unpleasant surprise and recognize impotent in time?

What are the signs of impotence??

The easiest way to identify an impotent man is to sleep with him. Or try to do it (if he really has violations in the sexual sphere, then the event will not succeed).

The main symptoms of impending impotence are:

decreased sexual desire;

lack of an erection in the morning;

softening of the penis during intimacy;

most likely

short intercourse.

But how do you know that he is impotent, without bringing the matter to sex? Sexual failure is a difficult test for every man. If he is familiar with this problem firsthand, this often leaves its mark on the psychological state. After observing the behavior of a man, you can notice alarming calls:

Talking about sex with an impotent often causes a mixed reaction. Some men, trying to hide their ailment before a woman, begin to talk about their past relationships, praising themselves. Others, by contrast, are trying to get around sensitive issues. Impotent man avoids intimate atmosphere: for a long time does not invite a woman home.

Hints of sex or harmless jokes about intimacy can cause irritability. Or a man will pretend that he simply did not hear them.

Uncertainty with women. The reason for avoiding direct gaze, touch and easy communication is often because the satellite is afraid to be revealed.

Of course, these are only indirect signs by which impotent can be recognized. Such behavior is sometimes just a kind of personality traits, and not a sign of sexual failure..

How to understand: a man does not want you or he is impotent?

Sexual coldness on the part of a man will certainly torment a woman: what if something is wrong with me? But the reason for this attitude may lie in the impotence of the partner. To stop torturing yourself with assumptions, you should pay attention to how a man behaves.

If he continues to show attention, takes care and looks after the woman in every way, but tries to avoid intimate relationships, then most likely he really has problems with potency. A man desires a woman, but is not able to realize this. In such a situation, he no less torments himself, which can manifest itself in irritability and some coldness.

When the partner tries to completely stop the warm relationship, looks in or communicates with other women, you can draw disappointing conclusions and talk with him about the meaning of further communication.

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Is it worth talking with a man about his potency?

The easiest way to find out the truth is to talk directly. But this option is suitable for couples who already have a long and trusting relationship. At the very beginning of the development of relations, an impotent man is unlikely to want to show himself to a lady in such an unattractive light. The fact of the presence of sexual dysfunction is considered by most as something shameful. Therefore, he will simply lie, or even stop communication, for fear of being exposed (after all, the woman has already begun to guess)

If the union can be called strong, then a heart-to-heart conversation will help put everything in its place. It should take place in a relaxed atmosphere. If a woman delicately asks if a man is having difficulties in the genital area, he can talk about his experiences..

Is it worth learning about his past experiences with women to understand the level of his libido?

One of the most unfortunate ways to recognize an impotent person is to ask him how his sexual relations with previous partners developed. Representatives of both sexes generally often distort information about their "ex". Impotent especially does not tell the truth. Unless his reaction may cause suspicion: most likely, he will either talk about his exploits or become irritated.

What means will increase a mans potency without his knowledge?

Having decided to secretly help her man cope with impotence by adding special drugs to his food or drink, the woman is very at risk. Not only relationships that go bad if the trick is revealed, but also the health of the partner. Supplements and folk recipes often have many contraindications and side effects..

It is better to create a romantic and calm environment, look sexually attractive, and never blame your man for impotence. Erotic massage, candles and aphrodisiacs will come to the rescue. You can always offer to try something new.

Refuse or not to abandon a relationship with an impotent man - it's up to the woman only. But you need to remember that very often sexual dysfunction is caused by psychological problems that can be eliminated. Yes, and impotence is not a sentence, and modern methods of treatment can achieve a positive result.

Video of impotence in general - criteria and causes

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