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How to prolong an erection Exercises and folk remedies. How not to hurt yourself

prolonged erection

How to prolong an erection? Exercises and folk remedies. How not to harm yourself? | - All About Potency


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An erection is very important for men, because it reflects their physical and mental health. Questions about what good erection means are worrying many, because not only health and general condition of the body, but also sexual life depends on it. This physiological mechanism is carried out during sexual arousal.

How long does an erection last on average and is it enough for joy?

The average duration of an erection is individual and depends on many factors. The most common range of numbers is from 5 to 30 minutes, where the average is about 12-14 minutes.

This is enough to achieve mutual satisfaction. After this comes the ejaculation. In the presence of sexual arousal, after a certain time, an erection occurs again. Deviations from the average norms are not uncommon, especially for young guys. Men who have sex only a few years may experience many hours of erection. In the absence of pathologies in the reproductive system, this is not a deviation.

There are various means to prolong an erection, but they should be treated with caution. Each drug has not only its main purpose, but also side effects, so it is recommended that you consult a specialist before using any remedy. Do not be shy about contacting a doctor with such questions, because this is his profession, and health is most important.

What folk remedies allow you to prolong an erection?

The first thing to do if you have problems with an erection is to establish a clear daily routine and observe it. It is necessary to ensure that the body works like a clock, including the reproductive system. If a man systematically gets tired and lacks sleep, and his nutrition is inferior, then problems with an erection will arise sooner or later. Lifestyle may not affect the functioning of the gonads at a young age, but then there is a risk of encountering problems in the sexual sphere after 10 years. The main folk remedies will help to restore the former erection and forget about the problems with it:

sexual arousal

The easiest way is to diversify your diet with simple foods. Chocolate, coffee, honey and walnuts can work wonders if consumed regularly. Do not forget about carrots, which Arab experts recommend stewing in milk before use..

Infusion of rowan fruits (20 grams) and rose hips (20 grams) per half liter of water should be infused for 6 hours and consumed 3 times a day, 100-150 ml.

Vegetable juices, including cabbage juice. You can make fresh ones from them or use them as salad dressings.

In China, problems with potency have been treated for many years (and many do not deviate from this remedy) using ginseng tincture. 50 grams must be insisted per day in 0.5 liters of water. After this, the infusion is heated and infused in a dark place for a week. This medicine is used 3 times a day before meals (one glass each).

What exercises should be done at home to prolong an erection?

An erection exercise is the simplest thing a man can do to regain his sexual health. This complex can be used not only for medicinal purposes, but also for preventive.

Rotation of the pelvis: this enhances blood circulation in the genitals, helping them to function fully. 10 rotations in each direction will be a great start and a quality workout.

Raising the knees high up or the "ceremonial" step. Legs rise to the stomach alternately. At first, such an exercise may seem difficult, but over time it will be easier to raise your knees, and movements will be smoother.

Bridge: raising and lowering the pelvis from a prone position is one of the most effective exercises to prolong an erection.

Bicycle: the ideal option is long walks on a real bicycle, but this can be replaced by exercise at home. You can even close your eyes and imagine a blue sky above your head. Good mood is just as important!

folk remedies

What is the effect of a prolonged erection??

All men dream of a long erection, thinking that at the time of achieving the goal all problems will disappear. It is important to know that an erection can occur not only due to sexual arousal. Priapism is a disease that is characterized by a prolonged erection with pain. Men with priapism do not always distinguish an erection from sexual desire from a painful erection. If discomfort or pain occurs, consult a doctor immediately.

Priapism harms men's health, so it is necessary to treat it. If this is not done, complications may appear that affect men's health in the future..

Is it possible to harm yourself and a woman with a long erection?

In addition to the existing disease, there are several other reasons why a prolonged erection is not always good..

Prolonged sexual intercourse can provoke unpleasant sensations for both men and women. This is due to an insufficient amount of lubricant, which already 30 minutes after the onset of sexual intercourse may not be enough. Pleasant sensations are replaced by unpleasant ones, and getting the desired satisfaction becomes only more difficult.

An erection for an hour or more may become a reason for male complexes due to the fact that it is not like everyone else.

Problems with a prolonged erection can be avoided if you talk about it with your partner and trust him. Exercise, folk remedies and a good mood will help prolong an erection, so you only need to act!

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