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Alcohol and potency - facts that are difficult to argue with and need to know

effects alcohol

Alcohol and potency - facts that are difficult to argue with and need to know | - All About Potency


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Since ancient times, people have known the properties of fermented fruits, including those in raising mood and sexual enthusiasm.

Is this really so, many scientists also tried to determine many times, and their work was not easy, since often experiments on the degree of intoxication and the sexual properties of the body had to be carried out directly on oneself.

It was possible to find out that in small doses, alcohol can indeed increase potency and initiate an increase in sexual desire, and these small doses correspond to about two glasses of wine consumed during the evening. The anti-stress properties of alcohol, which stimulates the human nervous system and eliminates various psychological barriers, are also important for the successful completion of a romantic evening. In addition, alcohol is able to and increase blood flow to the pelvis.

However, exceeding one's own dose, which is not easy to determine due to the property of alcohol, to present everything in the most optimistic colors, is fraught with an increase in the inhibitory effect of the drink, especially of poor quality. The opposite effect begins, which has a detrimental effect on the nervous system, which reduces sensitivity and slows down reflexes, physiological processes that take part in the formation of sexual reactions.

nervous system

Alcohol and male hormones

As a result, you can become completely unconvincing in bed on this magical evening, and this fiasco can be repeated in subsequent times. But the stimulating effect of alcohol does not last indefinitely, and under the influence of alcohol, men's physiological capabilities are clearly deteriorating. Over time, a constant negative effect on the liver leads to a decrease in the release of male hormones into the body, which is fraught with sexual impotence even at a productive age. The proven fact is a noticeable deterioration in health, including sexual, in men who consume daily amounts of alcohol equivalent to six hundred grams of wine.

Therefore, this lifestyle is called alcohol abuse. Over time, there is not only a weakening of the sexual abilities of men, but also structural changes in the sperm, which is already fraught with complete infertility. A third of men who initially lost their sexual power, and the loan and became sterile, according to statistics, abused alcohol. Alcohol is not limited to strokes on the liver, pathological changes in the structure of sperm and ejaculation channels, the nerve endings of the body also suffer, which includes tactile function. A man feels noticeably worse impulses that initiate arousal during intercourse. Seniors are most sensitive to the harmful effects of alcohol on potency.

An erection may not let the young drunkard down, but over time, the stability of the erection steadily becomes less stable, and the negative effect of alcohol becomes very noticeable, despite the euphoria associated with it. Further use of alcohol as a result leads to a complete loss of potency. The fact that at first an increased desire for sexual intimacy does arise after a glass of alcohol often leads to false conclusions about the stimulating effect of alcohol, based on alleged personal experience. However, such positive results appear only at the beginning of a sexual career, but after a few months you can feel the harmful effects of alcohol, which, especially in case of abuse, manifests itself in sexual dysfunction.

The conclusion of scientists about the stages of the effects of alcohol on potency

Scientists have identified three stages of exposure to alcohol and the first of them is really characterized by sexual arousal and a state of euphoria. However, over time, the abuse of alcoholic beverages leads to inhibition of all biological processes caused by poisoning of the body at the cellular level. The last stage is global degradation. Since ethanol is a lipophilic substance, its absorption is primarily carried out by the reproductive and nervous systems, while capillaries and blood vessels expand, including the brain, which is excited due to an increased rush of blood.

male hormones

Hence the feeling of self-confidence, euphoria, emancipation, which manifests itself in an erection. And in the reproductive system, the filling of dilated blood vessels with blood at the initial stage of the body's reaction to alcohol causes sexual arousal. A similar state lasts about half an hour and is determined by the state of health and the individual characteristics of the body. However, next comes the second stage - poisoning.

Alcohol that has penetrated into the blood causes the red blood cells to stick together, the capillaries become clogged and the blood supply to the brain is disturbed. Without oxygen, many cells die, which are excreted in the urine, causing malfunctions and chaotic functioning of the nervous system, losing control over the actions of men.

Reflexes slow down and sexual interruption is violated. Further, the penetration of ethanol into the cells of the reproductive system, causes their destruction, metabolic disturbance, increasing oxygen starvation and provoking the destruction of cells. At the same time, sperm activity decreases, production of male hormones worsens, sperm concentration changes, vascular necrosis of the reproductive system occurs, infertility and impotence.

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So, you risk drinking alcohol before sex?

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