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Should a guy pay for a girl Pay or not pay. That is the question

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Does a guy have to pay for a girl? To pay or not to pay. That is the question | - All About Potency


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Why do girls think they will pay for them?

Most often, girls in such situations do not think, but relay statements and ethical patterns of behavior of their silly friends or older women, whose life has been scalded with boiling water or a fried rooster pecked to a place where the back is already losing its noble outlines. If this is so, then the matter is already in you, your authority, the ability to convince and protect the subject of your desire from the harmful influence of homegrown teachers. There are some part of completely mercantile girls who are constantly in search of a sponsor, but they should be run from like a fire. Convincing them to change their goals is very problematic.

In which cases a guy should pay etiquette, and in which cases we are discussing this issue?

The phrase "I invite you", according to the rules of etiquette, always means that you pay. There is another wording in which everyone has to pay for himself: "Let's go to a restaurant." Naturally, if a man offers to pay for a woman, then she has the right to agree, although she may be offended. In our latitudes, the formula has been adopted, according to which all issues have been resolved in advance - Let's throw off the bottle?, Which does not allow a double interpretation. Although such a proposal can only be pronounced with an already established relationship.

It should be borne in mind that the rules of etiquette in other countries are somewhat different from ours, and if your foreign does not offer to pay for your coffee with a bun, you should not rush to add it to the list of ill-bred people. This is for him, perhaps, the usual rules, and he did not want to offend you at all.

quite possible

But the material costs on the first date should traditionally be borne by a man, and not even under the pressure of etiquette. Even in our era of comprehensive gender equality, a man wants to demonstrate his reliability from the very first meeting. A great opportunity for this is, for example, paying for a romantic dinner. Here the lady should not stubbornly resist in this pleasure for the boyfriend; in addition, this stage of the meeting may indicate both the mans generosity and stinginess, if he begins to lament over the amount of the bill.

If the lady does not plan to meet with the man in the future, her rejection of the offer to pay the bill will be a clear signal about the inadmissibility of a second date, and will comply with etiquette.

What are the advantages of what you pay for a girl?

A positive payment for two of a romantic dinner for a man is both an emerging sense of self-worth and an increase in respect, and even admiration (depending on age) for the woman. This procedure does not bring any more benefits. At the same time, there is another option, when, at the end of the meeting, the man will start, and quite rightly, strangle the toad, and the woman will affirm that her partner is simple, as it is, and he can be milked further.

How to talk with a girl about this topic?

A conversation on the topic of who to pay for joint pleasures is colloquially called disassembly. A showdown in relation to the lady is best avoided. It is preferable to show this by your attitude to this issue, facial expression, clutching a tooth and tongue, pulling lips into a tube and shaking his head. In the end, this pantomime will make the lady herself decide and either change her behavior, or decide on a direct conversation, or just leave.

Is it possible to consider a man who does not want to pay for the girl a redneck or poor?

Many ladies who confidently believe that spending money on a woman is the sacred duty of a man, while continuing to dream of marriage and the coming of the handsome prince. But these are directly opposite tasks, because princes in any case pay for a woman exclusively in brothels, if they, of course, visit them.

this issue

This confidence embraces so many women that it becomes a template and deprives the followers of this theory of any signs of uniqueness, and yet this property is a powerful sign of attractiveness.

The money hunter has all the attributes of a prostitute, and a successful man does not need her as a bride. Accordingly, he is not going to spend money on her, but it is hardly possible to call him a redneck in this regard.

If we study the historical background of the theory that a man should pay, then we can recall that it was not men who spent on brides, but rather, the bride should have come with a dowry. But the mans money came down to the courtesans, but no one called for marriage.

Naturally, to deny that in the world there are male goons (like, by the way, women). We have them, and enough, and manifestations of this property are visible to the naked eye. And redneckness is manifested not only in relations with women, but also with all people, in everyday life and work. Therefore, if a man doesnt spend much money on women, it doesnt mean at all that he is a redneck, it is quite possible that he perceives his partner as an equal person with him, and, on the contrary, shows his respect.

The principle A man himself must pay for everything is beneficial for the rich nouveau riche, who regard women primarily as a product, and not as an equal partner. With more capital than the people around them, they try to show their uniqueness with this. And women use these not rednecks also temporarily, in the form of mistresses, and as they wither or get bored, these ladies are thrown out. But time is inexorably leaving. And the young once poor redneck, like his friends, by this time will already have families, before and will overcome several steps on the career ladder.

Wives of generals marry poor lieutenants.

Therefore, it is absolutely not worth evaluating men only by costs, you should first of all pay attention to the real attitude to you and their human qualities. Life is long, and during it the husband will spend more on you than a rich lover for several months, after which the connection is quite possible and will end.

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