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Why did we create a thematic site with a rating of funds for potency

erection first

Why did we create a thematic site with a rating of funds for potency? | - All About Potency

There are such problems that you do not even think about until you come across. The problem of low potency is one such. While you are running a 15-year-old teenager, you cant even assume that one day it may affect you.

We are men shy people and do not go to the doctor once again. If the girls are happy to recommend face cream to each other, then the stern uncle does not write on the social network about the means by which he raises potency. In the CIS countries, against the background of heart attacks, strokes, cancer and other diseases, the problem of potency is not highlighted. But in fact, a healthy sex life is the key to male confidence, and confidence is success. How sad but most often the success of the family depends on the actions of men. A look at the problem of potency should be multilateral..

There are many approaches that will increase potency. And it is very difficult for a person who has just started searching for answers to this question to find the right answer for himself. The whole Internet is replete with untwisted and not very medication means. I think its already difficult to find even a child who would not hear about Viagra.

Therefore, we decided to collect in one place all approaches to increasing potency and enable users to give them a healthy rating by rating on an anonymous basis.

On the pages of our site you will find a description, rating and feedback on all means for raising potency about which we found information on the Internet. If you didnt find someone elses means j that you heard, you can request to create a description with the ability to rate this means through the feedback form on the right. According to rumors, hundreds of grass ants and medications help. Let's determine together what really works, give this whole thing a classification and a clear rating.

Also, for each tool you can leave a real review. From time to time we will give out funds for free in exchange for feedback on how it worked. So watch out for

section - experimenting together (link to section).

Reference. How to understand that you have problems with potency?

problem potency

I am sure that many who got here actually do not need any tool. Its just that the modern cinema industry has inspired what is even wrong with them. Since the grandfather from the screen can,

but we are not. Therefore, we give a list of medical symptoms by which you can diagnose impotence:

Lack of erection. The first sign of impotence (erectile dysfunction) may be the lack of not only adequate, but also spontaneous morning and night erections.

In cases when there is no adequate erection,

but at the same time spontaneous persists, it is more likely to say that impotence is psychological in nature.

With a simultaneous violation of both adequate and spontaneous erectile function, specialists diagnose an organic disease.

Weak erection. One important symptom of impotence is a decrease in the stiffness and frequency of occurrence of an erection..

Also, this group includes insufficient hardness of the penis during intercourse.

problem potency

In this case, impotence can be a sign of vascular, neurogenic, hormonal and other organic disorders.,

somewhat less often it appears due to psychological problems.

Inability to maintain an erection. One of the first manifestations of erectile dysfunction (impotence) is premature ejaculation - this is uncontrolled

the release of seminal fluid, which occurs immediately at the very beginning of sexual intercourse or before it. The cause of this sexual dysfunction is

organic in nature and, as a rule, this symptom is associated with vascular disorders. Premature ejaculation with psychogenic impotence is observed

rarely enough.

Despite the widespread prevalence of organic causes of impotence, experts found that in 9 out of 10 cases, sexual disorders appear against

unfavorable psychological factors. If a man has noticed at least one of the above manifestations, he should consult a doctor as soon as possible,

identify the causes of the disease and choose methods of treatment and prevention of erectile dysfunction.

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