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How to make pen pal

quite possible

How to get a pen guy? | - All About Potency


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What should a guy write about so that he wants you?

If a girl is not capable from the very beginning to send a frank letter to a young man, it is quite possible to start from afar, only hinting at intimacy and liberate herself during the correspondence. Events should not be rushed and piquant, supposedly, slip-ups should pop up in a dosed manner, just their number should gradually increase. This is an effective method to intrigue a man. Usually, his fantasy is included here, which makes him look forward to a new letter with a hint of sex.

Unlike personal communication and skype, everything is allowed in correspondence. Therefore, over time, letters should become as erotic and inflamed as possible. Of course, its worth choosing words, but the internal censor should not be a deterrent. Even obscene impregnations saturated with passion are possible, scenes of sexual fantasies hidden from acquaintances, dreams of sex with a guy; everything will work for a letter to an anonymous person - exciting kisses, groans, male caresses, excited breathing.

In the correspondence, it is quite possible to expose the details of sexual intercourse and its decomposition into bones, in order to find out the optimal type of sex for both. Its necessary that after reading the letter the guy spins around the bed all night without closing his eyes.

However there

When giving the guy ambiguous hints, write that you feel him. If there is tension with imagination, examples of erotic adventures can be found on the Internet, but not just copy, but only use the plot.

And yet - your initiative is very important, because when it comes from a lady, it turns on pretty much almost any guy. Realizing that they have become the object of desire, guys dive headlong into this erotic wave.

Which definitely does not excite a guy in correspondence?

Although the first topics in the correspondence should be abstract and unobtrusive, but they should not concern the work or personal life of the young man. This has nothing to do with intrigue and few people can engage in a fascinating dialogue. Also, most likely, he is absolutely not concerned about your problems and ways to solve them, so complaints about life should be completely excluded from the dialogue. Of course, the list of topics will expand significantly when you learn more about each other, and even details of work and life will begin to interest you - this is, of course, aerobatics, but this is also possible. Even if you approximately represent the volume of topics of interest and excitement to him, its better for guys to prepare questions in advance, because if the breaks between messages are large, the guy will get bored and stop responding.

Calm and smooth communication should be always regular, then the interlocutor will constantly have a desire to stay in the chat with you, moreover, regardless of the topic. Correspondence should by no means oblige a guy to anything, it should be a game that he would like to play every day.

Should I send my photos or videos?

quite possible

E-mail also allows you to share photos, and they can also become a powerful weapon in seducing the respondent. If you even have distant plans having a physical meeting with this guy, you should not send images of photo models from the network, passing them off as your own. Further frustration can ruin a romance.

However, there are also subtleties here and it is not recommended to openly demonstrate to a young man all his charms, even in the form of a photo or video. He probably watched such images or scenes, and more than once, on the Internets immense expanses, so you need to have very unique fragments of the body to surprise him with them.

Although a photo intended to excite a client should not be modest, it should not be taken naked in explicit poses. It really can excite a guy (although not a fact!), But in the future he will treat the girl as a lady who agrees to everything, and you should not exclude the possibility of a personal meeting in the future.

How to understand when to stop and leave room for a riddle?

Although it is better to act spontaneously in such correspondence, it is absolutely not worth it to dump all your fantasies and secrets to your respondent in bulk. Exciting fragment of correspondence should alternate more calm, albeit passionate. Ideally, this is a series, or a novel with a continuation, when the "empty" series only cause even more interest - "something will happen in the next one for sure." Not every letter should carry a sexual note, and these gaps only inflame the guy even more. And until the end it will be possible to open only somewhere far in the boundless future, because - but what after that to write? Repeat? Never! And yet - the sexual dialogue in letters should begin and continue only if you have your own desire. If it is not, everything becomes unnatural, and it is easy to feel.

What such correspondence can lead to and how dangerous it is.?

If you are firmly convinced that you will never meet the guy at the other end of the post, you can write anything you want. However, there is always a chance that a meeting will happen, and then, as they say, you may have to keep an answer for every word or challenging video. Imagine that you do not correspond with one guy, but with a whole group of cynical jokers who hide under one nickname. What will happen on the first date, when, instead of Alain Dilon, a gang from a suburban village will come to meet? Given what you have already promised, it could end pretty sadly.

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However there, quite possible