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Creams for potency, principle of action and rating of the best

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Creams for potency: principle of action and rating of the best | - All About Potency


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Erectile dysfunction is a problem that people have been struggling with for centuries. The achievements and achievements of specialists of the past are reflected in modern means and methods. Various tablets, drops, candles help to improve sexual function in men. Along with them, creams and gels for topical use have recently gained great popularity. They are rubbed directly into the genitals and scrotum before sex. Usually the desired effect occurs after 5-15 minutes and lasts within an hour.

Important! Creams and erection gels do not have a therapeutic effect, they have only short-term effects, are necessary for a full sexual intercourse.

The active ingredients of creams for potency

The main problem that causes erectile dysfunction is a violation of the blood circulation of the genital organs. As you know, an erection occurs when the cavernous bodies of the penis are filled with blood, the flow of which is enhanced, and the outflow is slowed down. This naturally occurs when a person is excited. However, when for some reason the processes are disrupted, help is needed.

The substances available in cream gels for potency have a vasodilating effect, have a relaxing effect on muscles, and improve the sensitivity of nerve endings. Due to this, arousal occurs and sexual relations become possible..

The active ingredients of the cream for potency are most often extracts, oils, plant extracts. Ginseng, horse chestnut, echinacea, jojoba, ginkgo biloba, ginger, guarana, cardamom, and also musky oils based on animal raw materials have a beneficial effect on sexual function.

Cream-gels for potency in the modern market

Cream-gels for erection are currently a fairly popular tool, in connection with which manufacturers present a number of such drugs. It is advisable to consult a doctor before using this or that means.

The most popular topical preparations for increasing potency are:

sexual intercourse

Maxoderm: contains a lot of plant components, including extracts of nettle, green tea, rosemary. Suitable for single use, providing a persistent erogenous effect, as well as for long-term treatment of sexual disorders when taking courses. Has a vasodilating effect.

Persian Shah: domestic cream with an extract of ginkgo biloba, ginseng, horse chestnut and other herbs. It helps to establish a long-lasting quality erection..

Power Life: the cream increases blood circulation, due to which the penis increases and a qualitative level of potency is established. It also enriches tissues with beneficial organic substances..

Eromax: gel for erection helps patency of blood vessels at the right time for sexual intercourse. Saturates tissues of the intimate zone with oxygen. It is recommended to apply about half an hour before the planned proximity..

Himkolin: a stimulating cream affects the nerve endings, which is why sexual intercourse lasts longer and turns out to be better. It is based on vegetable oils, the components of which positively affect the intimate zone. It is worthwhile to be more attentive to the reactions of the body, as with the treatment of other herbal preparations, in terms of allergic reactions. If itching, pain, redness, rash is noted, the drug should not be used anymore.

MaxSize: The soft texture and good absorbency distinguish this cream. It consists of natural components that have a positive effect on the intimate sphere. Another feature of the cream is its affordability compared to most analogues.

Can creams for potency harm men??

Compared with tablets and other drugs that are taken orally, erection cream gels are much safer. All funds in this series have a vasodilating effect. However, creams affect directly the intimate area, do not affect the whole body, like tablets or drops. Therefore, local remedies are much safer. In addition, they do not interact with alcohol, any drugs taken, in this regard there are no compatibility restrictions.

Also, the advantages of potency creams are that in parallel they have an antiseptic effect, and also contain useful vitamins. There is no need for additional hydration - the exciting gel also serves as a lubricant. Not a hindrance cream for erection and condom use.

As for the harm, problems can only be in the case of allergic reactions to any of the components of the drug. In this regard, you just need to be more careful.

gels potency

The effect of potency creams on women

For the female body, male creams and gels for potency are completely harmless. When developing funds, the fact that they will in any case be in contact with the female genital organs is taken into account. Therefore, only safe active ingredients are used..

However, intimate contacts with pregnant women are specifically stipulated in the instructions for use. In some cases, it is not recommended to use a cream gel in this situation. After all, substances, getting inside the female body, will affect not only her, but also the future baby. There are also reservations about the use of gel creams for erection in case pregnancy is only planned. Some components may reduce the chance of conception. In order not to make a mistake, you must carefully attend to the instructions and follow them when purchasing the product..

The use of cream gel for erection can have an additional exciting effect on both partners, if you entrust its application to a woman. Gentle touches to the intimate zone will set both a man and his partner on a wave of pleasure.

How long should I use male cream gel?

Male creams for erection are not therapeutic agents and provide only short-term assistance. Getting rid of erectile dysfunction should be carried out in accordance with the recommendations of a doctor. In parallel, while treatment is underway, cream gels can be used for a quality intimate life. Often a man at the psychological level gets used to that an erection and high-quality sexual intercourse for him are possible only with the use of a gel. Whereas the possible treatment has already given its effect and additional stimulation is not needed.

How to determine that a cream for potency is no longer needed?

A proper experiment is necessary. This will require the help of a partner, her attention, tenderness, friendliness. If a pair has established warm trust, this is the key to success.

You can take any gel-lubricant of usual action and ask your partner, as in the case of a stimulating cream, to apply the product on the penis and scrotum. If the sexual intercourse is successful, the next time you try to do without any additional funds, to limit yourself simply to the caresses of the intimate sphere. In the case of quality sex, you can forget about helper creams.

The first time, not everything can work out, it is advisable to repeat the experiment twice, thrice. If an erection, sexual intercourse and ejaculation are far from normal, then you need to continue treatment, and before sex use cream gels for potency and further.

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