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What are and how stimulants for women work

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What are, and how do aphrodisiacs for women work? | - All About Potency


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Aphrodisiacs for women are drops and lubricants that enhance a partner's sexual drive.

A large amount of work, chronic fatigue, psychological problems - all this can discourage a girl's desire for intimacy.

In some cases, you need to contact a psychotherapist or sexologist, and sometimes you can get by with special means to arouse a girl who can give her bright and full of positive emotions sex.

What substances are the basis of stimulants for women?

Various preparations, drops and lubricants for the fair sex contain special substances that act directly on the part of the brain that is responsible for sexual arousal. One of these active ingredients is sildenafil (it is it that is found in female and male Viagra). This is a relatively harmless component that eliminates anxiety and complexes, and also naturally causes a desire for intimacy..

Some products contain natural plant components - aphrodisiacs, which also affect the nervous system. Intimate lubricants have special warming substances that enhance blood circulation in the genital area and stimulate the natural secretion of intimate lubrication.

List of aphrodisiacs for women

The following are the most common drugs and agents for arousing a partner:

Stimulants that are released in tablets (for example, the traditional female Viagra, which is the most common drug to enhance attraction).

Stimulants that come in drops (e.g., Silver Fox). Such products are considered the most convenient way to increase sex drive..

Warming lubricants and creams that are applied to the genitals.

aphrodisiacs women

Plant-based biological supplements (for example, Shpan's fly), which have practically no contraindications.

What stimulants can be given to a woman without her knowledge?

Many women are not aware of their problem or do not want to take stimulants, considering them unsafe for health. If you are sure that the partner has no contraindications to the use of this or that drug, you can give her a stimulant without her knowledge.

For this, special stimulants in drops are produced (for example, Silver Fox). They can be discreetly added to a lady's drink (for example, in juice or a small amount of weak alcohol). This will make your romantic dinner even more vivid and rich.!

The main advantage of such products is that they have absolutely no smell and taste, which means that they will not interrupt the taste of the drink.

How to understand that the means for arousal acted?

Most modern drugs begin to act approximately 15-30 minutes after their administration. In this case, you will immediately notice changes in the behavior of the fair sex. The reaction to the drug is manifested individually: for some women it is barely noticeable, and some almost begin to openly declare their readiness to enter into an intimate relationship.

You can pay attention to the following manifestations of sexual desire:

Redness of the skin, a slight blush on the cheeks.

Verbosity of a woman, worried or confused appearance.

Sexual signs (playing with your hair, touching erogenous zones, for example, frequent touching of the neck, stroking movements on the surface of surrounding objects, and so on).

A woman can react sensitively to your own touches, willingly respond to touches with her hands or kisses - this is a sign that it is time to move on to more frank love games.

aphrodisiacs women

Rapid heartbeat is another sign of a girl's agitation.

Can stimulants harm the female body?

Modern stimulants have undergone repeated research and testing, so they are considered the most safe for health. However, even the safest drugs have contraindications.

These include the following:

Severe pathologies of the cardiovascular system (e.g., heart failure or a tendency to tachycardia).

Severe liver and kidney disease.

Allergic reactions, hypersensitivity to a particular component of the stimulator.

Congenital Genital Pathology.

Some gynecological pathologies, for example, inflammatory processes.

How often, when planning to make love to a girl, do you thoroughly know her state of health? Meanwhile, having awareness of this is very important if you are going to use drops or pills to enhance sexual desire. If you notice that the girl became ill, there was nausea, abdominal pain, you must immediately call for medical help.

Why is it better to excite a girl without any means?

Sexual stimulants are remedies that can be used when the girl is in good health, but its best not to do this on a regular basis. The fact is that over time, addiction to the active substance may develop: in this case, a woman will no longer be able to experience attraction without stimulants.

In addition, regular artificial stimulation in this way can be detrimental to health, since any drugs affect the cardiovascular system to one degree or another. Especially this effect is enhanced by the interaction of drops and tablets with alcoholic beverages, which are often used on a romantic date.

That is why it is better to excite a girl in natural ways: skillful touches and caresses will do their job and help the partner to feel more relaxed!

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