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How to excite a woman with her hands Several available methods of erotic massage

sexual arousal

How to excite a woman with her hands? Several available methods of erotic massage | - All About Potency


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The excitement of a woman is a delicate and responsible task, the satisfaction of a partner from an intimate life depends on the quality of the execution of which. A long and skillful prelude is the key to good sex and bright sexual discharge. How to arouse the fair sex?

How to excite a woman with her hands without touching the genitals?

Do not think that a woman can be aroused only by stimulating intimate places. Touch can be done in other erogenous zones. The most sensitive parts on the body include the following:

Lips and mucous membranes of the mouth: long and slow kisses with touches to the neck contribute to increased sexual arousal.

Milk glands. This symbol of femininity, especially the nipple halo and the nipples themselves can also be gently stimulated with your hands, making stroking and tickling movements. Please note that a positive reaction to breast caress does not depend on their size.

The abdomen and lateral surfaces of the chest. Here you can also make stroking movements in combination with light kisses..

The area between the shoulder blades, the so-called "feline zone". Decided to give the girl a relaxing massage? This is not only a useful procedure, but also an excellent prelude to further sexual games..

excite woman

These are only the main erogenous zones of women. Having sex with a regular partner, you are sure to find her sensitive places that respond to touch.

How to arouse a woman by touching the genitals?

The labia minora and the clitoris are the most powerful erogenous zones that are directly involved in sexual arousal. With skillful stimulation, the clitoris increases somewhat in size, so after preliminary love games you can easily find it. Do not press too hard on this sensitive area, while caressing your hands, listen not only to your own feelings, but also to the feelings of the girl. At the same time as the clitoris, you can stroke the labia minora, which also has sensitivity.

It is not necessary to insert fingers into the vagina without preliminary caress, performing its active stimulation: otherwise you will not only not give pleasure to the partner, but you can also reduce all desire for sex to nothing.

How to understand that a woman is excited without checking her humidity with her hands?

In order to determine a girls readiness for sex, in some cases it is not necessary to touch her genitals. Here are just some of the external signs of readiness for sexual intercourse, indicating that you were able to arouse a partner with your hands:

Rapid, sometimes intermittent breathing after touching the erogenous zones.

Tense and oversized nipples.

Slight redness of the skin.

If you saw these signs, you can safely proceed to the next step.!

excite woman

If a woman is wet, does she mean she wants sex?

Most men are sure: if a woman is wet in the area of intimate places, then you can safely begin sexual intercourse. In most cases, this judgment is true. With sexual arousal, the vaginal mucosa begins to secrete a sufficient amount of mucus so that the penetration is painless and pleasant. Normally, it is a transparent liquid, usually without a specific odor..

The only exceptions are cases of pathology: for some diseases, a woman can also have copious discharge, not associated with a desire for an intimate life.

Please note: each woman has an individually released amount of lubricant. With insufficient moisture in the vagina (this happens after childbirth, when taking oral contraceptives or for other reasons), you can use special lubricants.

Video on how to do massage for a woman

When is it worth putting your hands in motion, and what can come of it?

Touch stimulation is a whole process that can lead to a woman's strong sexual desire, or can push her away from a partner.

Sexual games need only begin when you see that the lady is ready for this. This can be evidenced by various signs and hints: an open and relaxed pose, stroking the neck, showing the wrists, stroking the legs of a glass of wine or another cylindrical object.

You should not start to abruptly use your hands: in this case, you can just scare a shy girl or a woman who is simply not ready for such a turn of events. Be sure to combine stroking movements with affectionate and exciting words.

The stimulation of erogenous zones is recommended to begin with slow movements, but their pace should gradually increase. It must be borne in mind that some partners want one thing in sex, and some want a completely different one. That is why do not hesitate to find out from the woman about her wishes and addictions in bed. You can do this in a relaxed and relaxed atmosphere when the lady is ready for a frank conversation. If you do everything right, you are guaranteed a long and passionate sex that you will remember for a long time!

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