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How to get a girl at a distance How to keep a relationship

distance keep relationship

How to get a girl in the distance? How to keep the relationship? | - All About Potency


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The complexity of relations at a distance consists already in their unusualness and exoticism, therefore it is easy to make a mistake on this minefield. However, there are developments in this area of relations that will help to overcome them..

What are the difficulties of relationships at a distance?

There may be such complexities of platonic communication as:

lack of round-the-clock free communication,

the ability to properly compliment using your phone,

the need, though rare, to meet in neutral territory,

ability to understand,

girl distance

be prepared for some frustrations when meeting,

maximum rejection of phone games that can cause jealousy,

and a number of additional, not always psychologically perceived, conditions.

Telephone communication eliminates such manifestations of emotions as facial expressions, facial expressions, gestures, and you can give the necessary direction to the conversation only by the content and intonation, and a similar feature of relationships at a distance should, of course, be classified as a complex.

What are the advantages of a relationship in the distance??

With a clear conscience, you can entrust the telephone receiver with very intimate emotions, which you may be embarrassed to display in everyday communication. And do not be afraid to go too far with all this melodrama and sussyukaniyami, for many this is a real spiritual outlet. The main thing is that outsiders do not overhear your outpourings. Telephone communication annihilates your mime talents; here the abilities of a radio commentator or reader come to the front page, than an ordinary person has at least to some extent a greater degree. Nowadays, possessing the capabilities of the same Skype, you should still not try to be closer with it. All this is individual, but often telephone communication, in comparison with video, more disguises your shortcomings and sticks out your advantages (if they exist, of course). In addition, some people experience the feeling that they are constantly being watched during video communication..

The great advantage of long-distance communication is the possibility of rare meetings. However, there are also subtleties here. Firstly, it is preferable to meet on neutral ground. If a lady, for example, lives in London, and you are in Kzyl-Orda, then Istanbul or Karlovy Vary will not be the worst option. Then no one will have to wait, because if a person is at home, then you can visit him for a week. A meeting in a foreign land will also be an additional gift because you will have to jointly contact with the outside world, and this brings together great.

The advantages of long-distance relationships undoubtedly include the possibility of free conduct of personal life, chatting with friends or girlfriends, pursuing one's hobbies, reading a book in a park, etc. And on dates, on joint events, you dont have to save time, knowing that you cant call you lonely, because somewhere far away, in Kalahari or on the Amazon, there is a person who you need and needs you.

If there is a relationship at a distance, you can travel a lot, and perhaps one of the trips will be dedicated to meeting this person.

relationship distance

Since you do not communicate hourly or even daily, you always have something to talk about during the next telephone conversation.

Relations at a distance are rich in life in anticipation of a joyful expectation of a meeting in which you believe. This future meeting can be savored, fantasized on this topic, painting it for yourself in the most rainbow colors, which in itself is a pretty pleasant experience..

The distance between people who are drawn to each other makes them appreciate each other even more. As for trust, it is taken for granted, moreover, you will even feel responsible for yourself, and much stronger than in a situation where a constant partner is spinning before your eyes. The distance will allow you to freely and calmly reflect on everything that can be done in the near future. Distance often disciplines, makes you gain new victories and conquer new peaks, which you can talk about in the next phone conversation.

If time shows the correctness of your choice, the importance and strength of the relationship, most likely you will have to give up everything and go to her, or, conversely, take her to yourself, and urgently, but only then deal with the outside world. True, this will be the pinnacle and quintessence of your relationship, but it will be a real happy ending, after which a completely different story will begin..

How to get a girl who agrees to such a relationship?

It is difficult to give such a universal recipe; it is believed that there are no more than 15% of such girls. But this is in relative numbers, and in absolute numbers their number can be steadily increased, more often getting acquainted with the ladies. From a hundred women acquaintances, these are fifteen individuals, and from a thousand - one hundred and fifty! The math is simple and straightforward.

Where and how to look for such a girl?

To look for such a girl should, naturally, in those places where generally more women are found. Do not look for them at work. Most likely, you will not find them either in the mine or in the men's bath, but in their libraries, theaters, concert halls, and especially on vacation, their abundance can be observed. On vacation, its generally easy to fall in love, and exchanging addresses and contact details when parting is a holy thing, one might say - a folk custom. And hereafter, a long telephone romance will begin, having a foundation from resort romance.

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