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Supplements for potency - the pros and cons of dietary supplements to improve erection

improving quality

Supplements for potency - the pros and cons of dietary supplements to improve an erection | - All About Potency


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Supplements for potency are funds that have a stimulating effect on improving the quality of potency in men, they are part of the group of biologically active additives. Supplements are able to exert a therapeutic and prophylactic effect. The composition that dietary supplements have for potency is represented by the combination of a group of trace elements, saturated nutrients and vitamin supplements. Substances that make up dietary supplements affect both the reproductive system and the organs of the excretory system, improve the general condition of the body.

What substances are included in dietary supplements for potency?

Most often, a composition that has dietary supplements for impotence is characterized by the presence of components such as L-caratin and Co palmeto.

S palmeto is an extract from a sabal plant. To obtain a plant extract, primarily berries are used..

The use of this substance affects the enhancement of sexual desire, and is also used in the case of pathologies consisting in the development of prostatic hyperplasia.

The action of L-carotene is aimed at providing a negligible effect associated with the burning of body fat. The energy generated as a result of this process is used by the body as an additional resource and contributes to improving the stamina of men, improving the quality of sexual intercourse and its duration.

Another component often included by dietary supplement developers in their composition is red ginseng. Active substances present in excess in this plant have a beneficial effect on increasing the elasticity of blood vessels, increase erection and enhance its resistance.

Any dietary supplement that works to improve potency must have a multi-component composition. The list of components contained in it can be equipped with quercetin, vitamin E and zinc.

All of these substances contribute to improving the quality of semen, increase the time duration of an erection, have a beneficial effect on its resistance, and contribute to the enhanced production of male sex hormones..

beneficial effect

Which dietary supplements improve potency? - list

Among the variety of existing dietary supplements, one can single out a list of the most effective additives that contribute to improving potency. These include:

The Golden Horse.


Red root.


Super Yohimbe Plus.

How long does it take to use dietary supplements for potency and is it possible to harm the body?

Use dietary supplements for potency without risking their own health can only be prescribed by a doctor. As a rule, drugs are prescribed according to two schemes: either as a single dose, designed to help cope with the problem of sexual dysfunction, or a course dose, calculated on average for 30 days.

The use of dietary supplements in an uncontrolled form and in excess of the desired dosage can provoke the development of such side effects as:

supplements improve

Significant headache, migraine.


Feeling of irritability.

High blood pressure.

The manifestation of individual intolerance to the components, expressed in allergic reactions.


Feeling of weakness, increased general fatigue, decreased performance.


Violation of sleep-wakefulness.

In addition, it is forbidden to use dietary supplements if there are pathologies of the cardiovascular system associated with the movement of blood flow. It is not recommended to use dietary supplements for those whose pressure level is not stable.

Is it possible to interfere with the use of such dietary supplements with other drugs?

Dietary supplements to increase potency can not be used in conjunction with drugs belonging to the antibiotic group, as well as with drugs that have an effect aimed at increasing blood pressure. It is better not to combine dietary supplements with alcoholic beverages and preparations containing alcohol substances, the indicated components reduce the effectiveness of dietary supplements. It is undesirable to combine the intake of dietary supplements to increase potency with drugs containing hormonal components.

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