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Squat Magic

Squats stimulate

Squat Magic |

Why are squats recommended by everyone? How effective is this exercise? And is it true that from squats not only legs but also torso increase in volume?

For beginners, as a rule, one of the most uncomfortable and most unloved exercises. But for experienced athletes - on the contrary, one of the most beloved. Squatting is the most energy-consuming and exhausting exercise of all that is (by this sign, deadlift is approaching). Therefore, very often a training day consists only of high-intensity squats, because there is simply no power left to pump other muscles, except perhaps small ones, such as the neck, forearm, and abs. Many achieved excellent results by building their program of just two exercises, one of which was squatting. At least that's what John McCallum writes in The Keys to Success (1993). Moreover, there is also a program consisting only of squats. There are also so-called super-squats, most fully described by Randall Strossen in the book Super-squats (1992), reinforcing the effect of the usual several times. So what's the secret to squats?

The effect of squats is due to several reasons:

1. Squats involve a large number of muscles, but most of all - the thigh, buttocks, lower back, abs.

lower back

2. Squats stimulate the production of testosterone (an indirect confirmation of this is a strong nocturnal erection) and other hormones with anabolic effects.

3. Squats stimulate metabolism - accelerate metabolism.

4. Stimulation of hormones and metabolism positively affect the growth of muscle mass throughout the body, even those that were not directly involved in the exercise.


Secrets of doing squats:

Squat Magic


1. The deeper the squat, the greater the effect of the exercise.

2. When squatting, the back should be tense, even in the upper part and curved in the lower back (for this, the chest protrudes as much forward as possible, and the buttocks as much as possible back) and slightly inclined forward.

3. When squatting, breathing should be exclusively abdominal, so do not over tighten the athletic belt.

4. In order not to injure the knee joints, the direction of the knees during the squat should coincide with the direction of the feet.

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