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How to get a man in the distance

bring closer

How to get a man at a distance? | - All About Potency


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A hundred years ago, slightly naked female ankles could have excited a man at a distance. Now ladies are forced to resort to a variety of tricks to attract the attention of the stronger sex.

In addition, many young ladies are wondering - how to get a guy at a distance, without coming into direct contact with him.

Modern services for exciting men at a distance

Mobile phone, SMS, photography, chatting or Skype - can bring you closer to your partner. Everyone has their own choice.

Mobile phone (conversation, sms, mms)

With the development of technology, it has become possible to talk with a person located hundreds of thousands of kilometers in real time. However, not every young lady will be able to overcome the embarrassment that has arisen and send a letter of intimate content to the man she likes. Important - do not rush things. You can send poetry, a line from a song. A bolder lady can send an SMS message about what she would like to do if He was nearby. Or you can start correspondence without greetings, for example: "I am waiting for you in bed ...".

In the chat you can imagine yourself and your partner as anyone, dream up a place where there is intimacy, posture, music, smell. Tell the guy what you want to get from intimacy with him, that you dream of affection and passionate kisses. Your chosen one is unlikely to fall asleep after such a "hot" recognition.

During a telephone conversation, of course, you need a voice. If you have a gentle beautiful timbre - this is a huge advantage. Frank words spoken in the right tone will acquire a sexual connotation. It is necessary to whip up a partner in a whisper, with a passionate sigh and other excitements.

Remembering the joint sexual experience (if any) can also arouse imagination. However, you should not abuse this method, otherwise it will lose effect.

You can send the cavalier your photos with erotic content.

Be careful! If you include any pornographic elements in the seduction program, consider whether this material could become your compromising material in the future..


How to excite a guy by talking to him on Skype? The main thing is to create a profitable visual image. Long and fluffy eyelashes will add mystery to the eyes. Lips should be circled in pencil. Clothing is desirable to choose erotic, but not vulgar. It is better that the guy himself drew your image in his head. Decorate the neckline with some decoration. The main thing is to be confident in your attractiveness.

main thing

Remember! A half-naked woman is more attractive than a fully naked.

Show yourself a little languid. Do not forget to sometimes make a hint of intimacy - lick your lips, stroke yourself. Be free, relax and feel free.

Old proven ways to excite a man without your presence?

Women, to rekindle passion among members of the opposite sex, at all times used all kinds of options. One of the old effective methods to excite at a distance your lover, to use your personal thing. You can (as if by accident) forget it at the guy's house. It could be:




perfume bottle;

and so on.

The man has a rich imagination, so casting a glance at the thing you left will draw a very vivid scene.

Create yourself a mysterious and impregnable image. Then drop him a note. Pass in the message that you miss him, state everything that I dare not say at the meeting.

If you were close before, then do not be shy about the details. For example, remind him of past delicious sex. The description of all this should take place in romantic tones, feel like the author of romance novels. This will significantly bring you closer to your intended goal..

How to understand that a man wound up without being near?

The most obvious sign of arousal in a strong half is an erection. However, if you are far apart, how to determine that he desires you?

Mobile phone

There are non-verbal signals that allow you to determine whether a representative of the stronger sex wants you:

dilated pupils;

raised eyebrows;

rapid breathing;

deep breaths;

dilated nostrils;

open mouth.

When a gentleman tries to hide his embarrassment, he fusses, straightens his back, pulls his collar or cuffs, and often avoids eye contact with the lady. In his soul there is a struggle between reason and nature.

If the object of your attention has a low and slightly hoarse voice, then this indicates excitement. In this state, he concentrates on his own hands or involuntarily strokes an elongated object (pen, glass) that fell into his hands. This sign indicates: "My member is ready!".

Is it worth it then to meet with such a man and what can come of it?

Virtual sex is just entertainment, so its important here not to play too much, being dissolved in a fictional little world. So, if a girl has not seen her cyber partner before, then the meeting threatens to expose total lies. He may, for example, turn out to be a married man. Also, there is no certainty that the macho will not record your passionate scene on video if you used a webcam, and then put the strawberry on the Internet. Therefore, the above "chips" are only useful for held pairs.

Before your purely virtual communication moves into something closer, think about it - do you need it in the future? The mutual interest of computer friends is just an illusion. True feelings are the interweaving of souls.

Comforting statistics: psychologists say that many virtual novels often end in marriage. And this is not surprising. Indeed, for many ladies, the search for a husband is the main purpose of dating. Therefore, in order to understand whether a worthy life partner can be obtained from a visual partner, you need to meet in real life, see each other, feel, communicate, jointly visit any place, event, and do not focus only on a sexual topic.

Thus, Skype and similar technical means enable the lady to enter into virtual intimacy with the desired man. However, it should not be a substitute for live communication, real feelings.

Have a good relationship!

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