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How to explain to a urologist about problems with potency When you need to contact a urologist

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How to explain to the urologist about problems with potency? When do I need to contact a urologist? | - All About Potency


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Many believe that a urologist is an exclusively male doctor. Not at all! This is a doctor who deals with the problems of the urogenital sphere in men and urinary in women. Although his specialization is really partially close to the specialization of the andrologist (male doctor) and gynecologist (female), but the urologist does not replace them.

When you need to contact a urologist?

Men have many reasons to visit this doctor. The most common of them:

discomfort in the inguinal region: a feeling of heaviness, burning, pain. All this may indicate the presence of inflammation;

problems with urination: false urge, discomfort; in the urine - pus or blood;

erectile dysfunction or shortening of the duration of sexual intercourse. These symptoms may be the first calls of veseculitis, colliculitis or prostatitis;

pain in the lower back or coccyx is perhaps the most common manifestation of urological diseases. They may indicate kidney injury, pyelonephritis, paranephritis and a malignant tumor of the prostate gland..

It is worth saying that even with an apparent absence of problems, it is necessary to periodically be examined by a urologist.

VIDEO What does a urologist do? Male and female urology

What tests you need to have on hand?

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The person who came to the urologist for an initial appointment is not required to have any tests on hand. The doctor himself will prescribe all the necessary tests and analyzes. Typically, this is:

Ultrasound of the bladder, kidney and prostate;

blood tests;


testosterone test;

a biopsy of the prostate and / or bladder;

MRI or CT to diagnose the condition of the pelvic organs and / or kidneys.

It is possible that the doctor will prescribe PCR diagnostics, uroflowmetry, infection testing, urodynamic examination, rectal examination.

How to start a conversation with a doctor and how to explain problems with potency?

A urologist is the first doctor who needs to be told about sensitive issues. Its task is to analyze all patient complaints in order to understand the cause of the problem. Its not worthwhile to conceal anything, because any concealment of a problem can interfere with the correct diagnosis. If the doctor sees that the patient is uncomfortable with a frank conversation, he can give him a special questionnaire to fill out. If the test data do not confirm the presence of inflammation, infection and other disorders, the urologist has the right to assume that the cause of the mans health problems is in the psycho-emotional sphere, and will refer him to another specialist.

When a patient with a disease of the genitourinary sphere ignores the problem, refuses to recognize the disease and postpones the visit to the doctor, he thereby delays the disease. But the more neglected the disease, the more difficult it is to cure it later. You can give such advice to all shy males: you dont have to assume that you are the first person on this planet who has similar problems. Every day, hundreds of men with the same ailment come to doctors. Doctors help them, which means they will help you.!

What you need to know about your partner?

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Every adult knows that sex must be protected and that it is only necessary to deal with it with a trusted partner. But let's be honest - who of us, before intimacy with a new passion, asked to show a medical certificate? And who himself has such a certificate? To learn all about the health of a sexual partner is possible only with time and on condition that he is mutually unique. Only then can you ask him various sensitive questions, without fear of a negative reaction.

What can a urologist ask?

During the examination, the urologist asks a number of questions. The patient needs to be prepared to discuss the symptoms of his illness. Questions may be of such a plan.

When did the first problems appear?

How often do they recur?

Have you ever had a urinary tract disease?

Did the relatives have diseases of the genitourinary system?

How much the disease bothers?

Is there blood in the urine? How long ago?

Is there high blood pressure?

Has urinary incontinence?

The patient should not be embarrassed that the doctor may be interested in the number of sexual partners. Someone may consider this question incorrect, but the specialist asks it not out of idle curiosity. The number of partners is directly proportional to the likelihood of having viral genital infections.

A visit to a urologist often makes men nervous. But you need to understand that delaying a visit to the doctor is more expensive for yourself. You can go to a public clinic or private, most importantly - try to get an appointment with a good specialist.

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