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How regular sex affects potency Frequency of sexual activity erection

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How does regular sex affect potency? Frequency of sexual activity erection | - All About Potency


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If a person has needs, including sex, they should be met. Otherwise, depression, sexual and hormonal disorders, and a host of other troubles cannot be avoided..

Sexologists say that regular, full, normal sex is necessary for the normal functioning of all internal organs, especially for genitals. The doctor is unlikely to be able to tell the frequency of intercourse, since this is a purely individual indicator. There is of course a very rough norm, according to which a couple should immerse themselves in a whirlwind of sexual pleasures about two to three times a week.

The absence of sex leads to stagnant processes, which in turn are fraught with unpleasant consequences. Inactivity of the genital organs leads to a decrease in blood circulation in the pelvic organs. There is a chance of developing congestive prostatitis (inflammation of the prostate).

Frequency sexual

The hormonal system at the same time plunges into a nap. The production of testosterone (male hormone) slows down, or even stops, which leads to hormonal imbalance and malfunctions in the reproductive system of the body. With regular sex, testosterone is produced normally, which naturally appreciates your incentive to continue to please yourself and your partner with good potency.

What happens to potency with a long break in sex?

With a long rest, any muscles of a person begin to fail. After prolonged treatment, having risen after several months of lying, a person already has poor legs. In the absence of sex, the muscles of the penis begin to atrophy in the man. Accordingly, problems with potency, erection become noticeable. One-time failures are possible, which, multiplied by the psychological factor, can lead to persistent impotence, which has a psychological basis.

Prolonged abstinence, provoking both physical and mental problems, makes a man irritable, aggressive, nervous, his reactions worsen. Sperm become lethargic and inactive, they begin to lose genetic information. In turn, frequent ejaculations have a very positive effect on sperm quality. Sex also has a very positive effect on general health, having a beneficial effect on the activity of the cardiovascular system, strengthening immunity, and reducing the risk of developing many diseases.

It is noticed, however, that regular sexual exercises with different partners provokes a number of infectious diseases. Here the fact is that in an environment of unusual microflora, the body is more likely to develop infectious diseases, and it is known that infectious diseases can worsen potency.

same time

It is also known about the psychological dependence on sex. Usually, sexual contact ends with words of approval, which allows a man to feel more significant, and this also pushes the body to produce additional testosterone, which is responsible for potency. Regular sexual intimacy gives a person constant good mood, self-confidence and cheerfulness. These people are less susceptible to stress and even life failures do not cause them depression.

Although, since everything is individual, especially in a field related to the psyche, such as sexual health, the negative results of abstinence depend on the particular man. Some men are not able to live without sex and a couple of days, while others can live without sex for a year without much discomfort. But the psychological component of erectile dysfunction also depends on the level of these experiences. Each type of man reacts in his own way to the absence of sex and in his own way gets sick as a result.

What to do if there is no regular sex?

At the same time, doctors warn that if a man has no regular sex in his life, then he should at least adhere to a balanced diet and get the necessary vitamins in the right amount. To some extent, this can replace sex, which, among other things, is also an excellent means of normalizing metabolism, an excellent procedure for cleansing the blood of toxins, toxins, and other harmful metabolic products. Many of the positive effects of sex on the body can still be replaced, and not only with proper nutrition, but also with sports, the right and reasonable attitude to the environment in which he was captured. Naturally, he will not be able to make up for the psychological benefits of sex, and this is a very important moment in the life of any person.

Especially unpleasant are the consequences of abstinence for men, a characteristic feature of which is dependence on sex and increased irritability. The sense of stability of life at the same time begins to collapse sharply, which leads to sustained depression. Despondency in turn often leads to obesity and cardiovascular pathologies. Irregular sex will learn an excitable organism to have sex. In these types of men, health problems can begin within a month of abstinence..

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